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Restful insurance supports a person to protect avoiding compensate to weigh abso
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Be sure to have in safety

Close a personage to express, the car danger of this company has franchise system early, just be the form of additional risk, car advocate can choose, also need not choose, if do not choose franchise,be only, insurance premium will be higher.

Restful insurance returned the practice that defends money a place difficult of access to the person to express to support about chief. Chen Hao of assistant of general manager of department of risk of car of restful property insurance company is being accepted when interviewing, express, absolutely franchise clause is international convention, the market with be in abroad more mature, it is wide the method that accepts for the market and client. What absolutely franchise clause aims to realize client and insurance company is double win, expedience of oneself of company of seek of and rather than.

Chen Hao says, absolutely franchise clause says the system that is a fairness to the client. Choose absolutely franchise item, the client can pay insurance cost less, because, if insurant manages because of what bagatelle reason happens,compensate case increases in great quantities, a large number of cost that insurance company place expends, will naturally turn booth arrives on insurant body. Reduce the manage compensate of bagatelle reason to lead, conduce to insurance company reducing cost, what be benefited finally still is broad client.

restful insurance, the client that selects absolutely franchise clause can enjoy accept a surrender accept a surrender to expend privilege, because of the area different, model differs, if the client that is in certain zone chose taller absolutely franchise coefficient, the privilege that can get can be as high as 70% even. Next, this clause can reduce the client's trouble. In addition, avoid compensate to make the option that can add a client greatly be spent freely absolutely, accordingly, broad client can drive according to his ability, economy capacity, even car condition, free choice, each is in his proper place.

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