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New code is carried out agricultural car industry is sufferred inflict heavy los
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Shandong province is agricultural tricar is saved greatly, its are produced what can take the throughout the country is close most probably. As 56 month relevant traffic law is mixed of new industrial policy carry out, the wind when saving well-known trademark with this, tremendous strength, 5 proof those who wait for manufacturing company to be a delegate is agricultural car industry is sufferred inflict heavy losses on ———

At the beginning of October, total bureau of the Ministry of finance and national tax Wu is agricultural to 3 rounds the “ that the car avoids tax of buy of requisition by purchase saves municipal plan ” and fail to let suffer those who inflict heavy losses on is agricultural car industry cheers up, many Shandong enterprises still are in stop production condition of half stop production. Before this, although also one part enterprise changes the line of production,save oneself, but the personage inside course of study thinks, the key that turns round a dangerous situation returns those who depend on relevant policy to give aid to.

Agricultural the car encounters cold winter

Shandong province is the whole nation the biggest agricultural the car produces base, produce per year agricultural tricycle takes the throughout the country about 8 into. Save statistic of machinist trade office according to Shandong, shandong province is agricultural 2003 car total output is 2.02 million, occupy the 30.66 % of entire industry, its middle peasant occupies the 74.73 % of entire industry with tricycle.

Begin to carry out from May 1 however " law of road transportation safety " since, with when cropland of wind, tremendous strength, blessing those who be a delegate is agricultural the produce and sale of car production company measures drop extent is as high as 60 % above, shandong saves 6 main and agricultural the car produces a business the produce and sale of a month unexpectedly not as good as the sheet of group of the wind when last year produces per month sales volume. 45 month should be agricultural originally the sale busy season of the car, but the 1/4 that the actual output of these enterprises all is not worth productivity.

As new law carry out, agricultural the management of the car turns to door of the Ministry of Public Security from agriculture machinery branch, what be put in controversy all the time is agricultural the car also had renown share eventually, right agricultural tricycle undertakes administrative according to “ tricar ” , and right four-wheel and agricultural the level that car criterion holds van ” according to “ low speed. Had car name share, the cost that buy a car also rises subsequently. According to once upon a time the standard of agriculture machinery branch, on Beijing, Heibei a license plate receives 145 yuan only, southern part area collects fees in 80 yuan of —120 yuan between, this still includes license plate among them date of installation, gush and detect the project such as tail gas serves cost. But run way according to active motor vehicle, only license plate cost and driver's license need pay 480 yuan, partial province is to be as high as 520 yuan more; Next, car still must throw narrow pass of responsibility of a third party, the farmer of the province such as Henan, Hubei, Heibei buys agricultural the insurance premium of car need pay is little criterion 900 yuan, many 1750 yuan. In addition, buy what the car increases 10 % even to purchase duty. Calculate so come down, the cost that buy a car is about to increase 2000 - 3000 yuan. Agricultural car sale because this suffer a disastrous decline, whole industry encounters cold winter.
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