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New code is carried out agricultural car industry is sufferred inflict heavy los
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Policy limitation is difficult change the line of production

Although, the part is agricultural car company conspire changes the line of production save oneself, but as the nation is new on June 1 " automobile industry develops policy " carry out, agricultural car production company changes the line of production the possibility of the car is almost 0. Occupy the personage inside course of study to divulge, be in Shandong, wait except all city car plants very few a few agricultural car company includes a car production outside catalog, other is not to have license plate generator, 2006 “ is restricted greatly before ” comes, these enterprises whether find a way out is returned still sealed.

Although on September 7, total bureau of the Ministry of finance and national tax Wu combines dispatch decision, be opposite 3 rounds since October 1 agricultural the car avoids tax of buy of requisition by purchase. However, good news of this one interest did not let 3 rounds however agricultural car production company and user see a hope. Its reason depends on: So called now avoid proof, just was to discharge the fee that does not need to hand in originally. This year before May 1, 3 rounds agricultural when the car governs on somebody's behalf by branch of agriculture machinery of Ministry of Agriculture, do not need to hand in purchase duty. Next, 3 rounds when the file indicates agricultural the car is derv dynamo, power is not more than 7.4kw, loading capacity is not more than 700kg, top speed is not more than the motor vehicle of 3 wheels of 40km/h. This standard is a standard when be being passed already in fact, active standard is as 3 rounds agricultural after the development course of car industry is revised for many times.

Agricultural the car still gets surname farming

A few days ago, a few enterprises begin to change the line of production save oneself, but the personage inside course of study is right however agricultural of car company change the line of production express concern. Agricultural and project machine, mechanical, light card and electric motor-car notting have is not popular industry, investment is larger, the excessive competition of the industry of part of interpose initiate aggravate that they worry about these enterprises. According to statistic, at present the whole nation only company of dynamoelectric bike production has 464. After although have some of company,be being transformed through product line, have the capacity that produces the car such as light card to plant really, but the consumptive power problem that still must face a farmer.

Agricultural although the car gained v/arc a person's status of “ car ” , and enjoy the “ of the car collect fees ” pay, but in hang out one's shingle and carry a respect still flavour of “ earth ” is dye-in-the-wood. Carry deadweight car with low speed (namely “ is four-wheel and agricultural car ” ) for exemple, after new automobile industry policy is announced, merge into car of “ low speed manages ” , but hang out his shingle to still continue ” of original “ yellow shop sign, in principle does not allow to be in travel of highway of class of county of 3 class above, a lot of areas still restrict his to enter the city zone, virtually reduced his to use value, rich the farmer that rise turns and buy the product such as light card, and in the farmer of low income criterion can wait-and-see await.
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