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New code is carried out agricultural car industry is sufferred inflict heavy los
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Liu Yi of wind group president is sent when wait for the personage inside course of study to think, agricultural what car product and car product are aimed at is two completely different consumption groups, what use as main labor tool is agricultural car, travel basically also goes up in rural highway when carrying, because this photograph custom duty expends behoove distinction to treat, should be not used and the standard with average same car. He suggests to be in charge of sectional consideration: The first, license plate collects fees whether to still carry out by original standard, proposal car purchases duty to still be treated by agriculture machinery product, of short duration is not collected; The 2nd, carry agricultural whether can be the cart of the car approved especially as special vehicle, still carry by affirmatory before double platoon, reduce agricultural the car carries cost, a word, agricultural the car still must surname “ farming ” !

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