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Bank credit policy hits car line of business continuously, influence get effect
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Still cannot take on in firm of banking of our country car before the car consumes loan important task, at present the car consumes loan to still basically extend by each commercial bank. Car banking firm will replace even if henceforth commercial bank, but the capital of car banking firm has still is to need to come from partly greatly very borrow money to the bank, add breath will naturally raise its operation cost. Cease than adding at present, the commercial bank extends about what the car borrows money the impact that policy appears to reach the market to automobile industry is more immediate and more sensitive.

Because our country car borrows insurance,market pole is not perfected, before a few years by each bank wide consume loan for valued car the sweet potato " that " turned into very hot hand between one night and heavy " burden " . Each commercial bank is together with since this year the policy that implements a country to concern macroscopical adjusting control, adopted consistently to automobile consumer credit rise head pay the measure such as scale and strict credence check and ratify, the scale that brings about the automobile consumer credit that includes the big city such as Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen drops by 30%-40% of before two years current 10% the left and right sides.

In addition concern a provision according to the country, to the car of different utility its extend the forehead of loan is spent also is different, individual / use of car of unit for private use, business uses car and the loan scale of two handcart is car price respectively 80% , 70% with 50% . Because this consumes the level to look from the car, each commercial bank shifts relatively strict control to the car, raised the threshold of automobile consumer credit actually. But in view of at present in high-grade car is one-time pay be in the majority, the car is borrowed main by in low income estate is used at in the pattern that cheap car buys, add cease to meet what add customer on certain level purchase car cost undoubtedly, the practical effect that causes accordingly should be relatively apparent still.

If each commercial bank cannot relax relevant measure, lower the threshold of automobile consumer credit, so face a car, especially the " money such as the consumer " that the continual price fall place that the car causes because of producing can fast dilate produces waits for bought situation to still will continue go down, the demand that consumes loan to the car so appears unlikelily also substantially climb litre, and this with add cease to did not have inevitable correlation.

Finally from the car kind appear on the market company level looks, although partial enterprise is indebted rate level is higher, but car of cropland of such as blessing (600166) , * S T weighs steam (the enterprise such as 000951) already will be in debt for a long time more instead is short-term and indebted, because this increases the capacity of breath to bearing,should increase somewhat. And because appear on the market company its are direct financing scale wants outclass trade average level, opposite ground fund is more bounteous also, average indebted level wants under the industry average level is close 10 percent, consequently judgement adds the materiality of breath to affect to the car kind appear on the market the company should not be very large, more " psychology " that still come from investor anticipate a respect.
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